Bozeman Website Design

Bozeman Website Design and Graphic Design are our forms of Art. We specializes in building beautiful websites, and most of all, focus on the user experience. We partner with our clients because we are only successful when they are. As a result, we ensure your users can find what they need and act upon it. A modern website design is extremely important to every business and we are here for all your Bozeman Website design needs. We also can discuss Logo Design or any Marketing Design needs to pair with your website.


The Discovery Process

When You partner with us for a Bozeman Website Design, we start out with a discovery process. This typically includes spending time to get to know you and your business so that we have a clear understanding of you and your company goals. We will ask you a series of questions to get the needed information to build your case study.  Once we have all the needed information, we will then do research into your field, competitors, and what others are doing that is successful. This typically includes researching local competitors websites, marketing, and design trends. As a result, we will identify areas we can take advantage of and add those to our goal list.


Bozeman Website Design Mockup Process

Once we have completed all competitive research and the discovery, we will put this information to work. We design multiple website mockups for you to review and ultimately choose from. These website design mockups will be images that showcase how your website could look with all your desired functionality. We ask you to provide feedback after reviewing them, and we used this feedback to make adjustments to the mockups. We will continue this process until one of the mockups is exactly what you’d like in your website. This process can take some time, but is very important for your Bozeman Website Design.


The Code Process

Once the mockup has been approved, we will take that design and build it into a functional Bozeman Website. This typically takes at least a couple of weeks due to the level of coding we go through. We build all of our websites from scratch so there are no templates used. Due to this, we are able to write very clean, minimal code, that will function at a high level. Also, since we write all of this code ourselves, it will be much easier to find and correct any items in the future. We write all of our code so that it is SEO friendly by using header tags, alt tags, and clean code. We also ensure that your website is coded so that it is mobile responsive. This is very important for user experience and SEO.


The Content Process

From here, we start to add your content and build out all your pages. We will work closely with you on optimizing your content so that it is SEO friendly. We will provide guidance on any SEO goals you’d like to accomplish and provide guidance on the best approach to succeeding with your content. Due to our strict coding process, you should have solid SEO results to start, but we can help further if you need to achieve higher rankings. While we are adding content, we can provide a free training session so that you can also add content as well. This will allow you to make quick changes in the future and ultimately save money in the long run.

Go Live

The Go Live Process

Once all content has been added, we will do all final testing and go live with your Bozeman Website Design once you are ready. We will test your website on laptops, tablets, and smart phones. There are a large number of devices out there, but because we code our websites on device size, we are able to typically provide great results quickly. We will ask you to confirm the website is good to go live. We will then migrate your website to the live site and finalize your Bozeman Website Design. Once we go live, we will publish your website to our portfolio, social pages, and newsletter (if one is sent out) so that you can start to promote your business. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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