Bozeman Website Security

Google Recently reported that website’s increased by 32% in the past year in hacked websites. 32% is an incredibly large increase for a one year mark. As a result, your business MUST take Bozeman website security seriously. We spend so much time with our clients to build a successful website strategy and if you do not use us to implement security to protect it, it is almost all for nothing. If you have no to minimal website security, it is just a matter of time before your website is hacked.

How we secure websites

We approach website security proactively. As a result, we apply multiple layers of security to block malicious attacks and monitor these attacks daily. We know what to watch for and when to take action when we see these notifications coming to us.

We use multiple plugins that secure your folder directories and prevent malicious file uploads to your website. The plugins can block suspicious IP Addresses, block particular login usernames, and ban users entirely from your website. This will secure your site from hackers gaining access to your website or database.

We also use a web Bozeman Website Security firewall to block entire countries from visiting your website before it even loads. This is very powerful because most of our clients are United States based, so we block most countries from visiting your site up front.

Bozeman Website Security Pricing

Bozeman Website Security is a monthly plan that we ask our clients to subscribe to as a service. If you invest in your business and a marketing strategy, it only makes sense to invest in protecting it.

In Conclusion, Bozeman Website Security is essential and show not be passed on. We would love to work with you on solutions to protect your Bozeman Website. Contact us to learn more!

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