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WordPress Site Training Video

We put together a training video to talk through how to make changes the following Update Page Text Add images to page text Add or Change Featured Images Create Posts for blog pages Edit Posts for blog pages Add images to galleries Upload images, files, etc to media Edit Custom Post Types (your site may […]
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SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO Plugin is a very effective tool for content management around SEO. Please use the attached document to help you improve your content to better focus around your SEO goals. Yoast Documentation
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Web mail Configuration for Iphone

How to set up a mail account on iPhone? To set up a mail account on your iPhone, follow the steps below (the instructions are for iPhones with software version 2.x): Press the Settings icon on your Dashboard Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars Select Add Account… For account type choose Other Enter the mail account information: […]
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How to manage CMS Navigation Order

Bozeman Interactive empowers you to manage the order and page links on your site. You can easily add new pages and effect the order in which they display in your navigation. Please view the video to learn more. Contact us if you have any questions about this!
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How to Manage CMS Widgets

Your CMS most likely will have widgets built into it allowing you to manage the content within them. This video shows how easy it is to manage your own widgets.
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WordPress Panel Overview

Hey everyone, i wanted to post a video about the basics of the wordpress admin panel. This is the area you will login to as a website owner to make your changes to your site.  
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